March 9, 2012


He found me lying on the cold linoleum floor legs spread eagle.  The back door wide open, and our storm door propped open just as wide.  The cold wind whipped through the back room which I had consciously shut off from the rest of the house. 

{Well, in an effort for full disclosure, it was just to keep the dog from running off through the open doors and out of the house.  That I shut the door to keep the rest of the house warm and toasty for all within, well, let's just pretend that was my main reason.  It sounds better.}

There I was when he found me. 

Well, sort of. 

It was definitely a cold linoleum floor, but I wasn't idle, I was busy.  There was a purpose.  I wasn't just lying there waiting for the freezing wind to chill me to the bone.

Not in the least.  I'm not sure I even felt the wind that burned my cheeks a slight red.  Nor did I feel the numb fingers, until I later entered the warmth of the kitchen.

He laughed when he saw me.  He was returning from a long day at work with a longer than usual commute.  Five hours is a lot of time spent in a car.  He didn't ask about dinner that wasn't ready.  Nor did he ask about any of the other tasks I had planned to finish that day.  No, instead, he asked, "Did you get it?  And what are you photographing?  That clump of grass? "

I click off a few more photographs.  Roll over to sit up.  "Yes, that clump of grass.  I wanted to get it earlier while it was raining, but I didn't have time.  So, I thought I'd squeeze in a few shots now."

He smiles.  I laugh.  We embrace, and I turn to shut the doors, content and full of love for this man who doesn't always understand or embrace my crazy passion for photographs or art, but always, always, embraces me.
~ Dorie


  1. Oh, I love this!! I so enjoy watching you embrace and look for the details in the littlest subjects :)

  2. You and your husband make me smile!! I love your story-telling skills!

  3. i soo love this story.... could have been my own... except it was the moon not grass...but our open doorway was the perfect spot

  4. Yea for wonderful husbands!


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