December 15, 2011

Festive Breakfast Fun

{day 15 of DPP}

Two or three times a week I make our children breakfast.  The menu varies from scones to muffins, eggs to casseroles, and pancakes to waffles. 

This morning, they requested chocolate chip pancakes.  Having gotten the huge 4.5 pound bag of chocolate chips at BJs, I knew I had enough for their pancakes and any upcoming Christmas baking projects. 

As the week has been a bit long for us, I decided to make the breakfast a bit more festive and dressed the table in a cloth and candles.  Since the children were going to top their pancakes with powdered sugar, I added a few snowmen decorations to accompany their snowy pancakes. 

The few extra minutes it took to set the table was well worth it. 
They loved it, and the pancakes, too!
~ Dorie

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  1. What a yummy breakfast at such a lovely table!


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