December 15, 2011

Why Weed before Winter?

"Why are we weeding before winter?" she peers over at me with large sky colored eyes.
Dirt smears her cheek, and hair falls loose from a haphazardly tied pony tail.

Garden harvest collected.  Flowers faded.
All dormant, fading, or dying.
Spiky weed leaves remain. 
A chore neglected for many weeks.

The weather warmed, and the rain cleared. 
It was now or never. 
...before the land hardened in a semi permafrost of winter chill.
...before the roots of the weeds took hold permanency in that frozen soil.

I called the children to the yard for work. 
And, work they did.
Toiling, digging, eradicating the unwanted,
as I clip and prune wanted flowers and bushes.

Chosen, planted, and watered with care. 
Those needed tending as well.
A pruning of the branches and leaves
enabling survival during harsh winter months.
When spring arrives, the emerging yellow green foliage
will greet the sun and grow in its warmth.

We work side by side.  Children and I.
Weeding and pruning, preparing for winter's coming
as the warmth of the day faded with the sun's descent.

Was it enough? 
In spring, we will know,
after the winter thaw.

~ ~ ~

Our days shorten, numbered,
sorrow enters
bringing frigid, raw winds of emotions
and raining frozen tears.

but before it does,

after the bounty of blessings,
the giving of thanks,
when heart soil is still soft and pliable
uproot weeds of bitterness,
that choke and harden hearts.

Will it be enough?
In time we will know
when the heartache ceases.

For winters of life give way
to warmth with spring return
and we bask in the Son's light,
growing more vibrant
in the summers of life
than before....

~ Dorie


  1. Simply Lovely Dorie! Thank you for sharing your heart today.

  2. Beautiful! What an amazing picture you painted with words for me this morning! Blessed by your post this morning


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