September 19, 2011

About Beautiful Meadows and Dancing Bells

The afternoon was mine.  I was to decide how we would spend it, where we would go, what we would do.  I wasn't sure what to pick.  When 'the world is your oyster', which pearl do you claim?  After much deliberation, I picked something we have never seen.  In fact, up until the night before I never knew it existed.  But, before that show, we walked cultivated gardens and wild meadows.  The tended gardens were lovely.  The planned plantings placed precisely in just the right spots.  Flowers were vibrant and lush.

The meadows, much less planned, offered us a more casual, relaxed area to enjoy creation.

After time spent marveling at the wonders of His hands, we walked down to a hillside stadium.  Finding seats on a grass mounded bench, we settled down to wait.  The show was about to begin, and we were fascinated with the equipment we saw being readied.

Would someone  really climb 15 feet into the air, stand atop those cross pieces and then dance, moving through the air?  Yes, three would right before our eyes...

What a fascinating show these Dancing Bells displayed!  We have surely never seen anything so unusual, and it definitely made for a memorable afternoon.

Each time I write down these blessings of life, I feel overwhelmed.  The Lord is truly generous!
~ Dorie

...continuing my gratitude listing...

671.  an afternoon to choose the family activity

672.  enthusiasm of my family

673.  excitement in the guessing

674.  sweet birthday wishes from family and friends

675.  precious notes of love written in child made cards

676.  garden visits with the children

677.  water lilies reflecting on the water

678.  marveling at His creation

679.  curious children gently touching flowers, trees, plants in wonder

680.  walking through golden meadows

681.  seeing beautiful colors, especially yellow

682.  celebrating another year of life

683.  an afternoon of just us six, spending time together

684.  cooler breezes

685.  watching unusual and unique performances

686.  grass seated stadiums

687.  turning off the ac

688.  church bells ringing the time while I hang laundry on the newly strung ropes

689.  youngest son's first flag football game and his first touch down

690.  fresh orchard picked apples and grapes

...and so it continues...


  1. That is amazing - what a fantastic sight that must have been!! Wow :)

  2. Wow! I bet that was amazing to see! I love your ever-growing list of blessings! When we sit down to list our blessings, it is amazing to see how blessed we truly are! :)

  3. Lovely list...I must get back to posting mine!

  4. Church bells...what a blessing to hearing those while hanging the laundry! The photos of God's creation are beautiful. It's another blessing from Him that when we walk among all that He is made, we know to give Him the glory. Praising God with you, Dorie, for His kindness to us!

  5. Visiting from A Holy Experience! I love the photos - what an interesting dance! Those meadows look divine...I'll need to find some of my own and bring my kids. Thanks for sharing your lovely list!

  6. wow...pretty sure you wouldn't find me up there! :)


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