August 4, 2011

What Works for Us

Curriculum catalogs are filled to the brim with beautiful displays and promises of academic achievement all for a price.  What happens when curriculum doesn't deliver? 

Do you throw in the towel?  Change curriculum?  Buy more books? 
Try a new approach?  Take a few days off? 

We've done it all with varying degrees of success.  Our curriculum choices for this year may not reflect the choices we'll make next year.  They certainly do not reflect our choices from the start, seven years ago.

This year, for formal lessons, we will study...
Bible - Apologia, Westminster Shorter Catechism, Master Books
Grammar - Rod & Staff English
Writing - Institute for Excellence in Writing
Spelling - Building Spelling Skills, Spelling Workout
Vocabulary - Word Roots
Literature and Reading - select books
Math - Horizons, Saxon
Critical Thinking - Fallacy Detective, Thinking Toolbox, Red Herrings, Mind Benders
History - studying 1500's to 1850's using select books with either Streams of Civilization or Story of the World as spine books
Science - ApologiaAnswers in Genesis
Latin - Latin Alive, Latin for Children
French - Rosetta Stone
Aesthetics - concentrations on art, music, and poetry using various books

We like to use individual notebooks and binders to complete lessons, and portfolios to archive finished work.  I always enjoy learning how others use these tools as well.  One day I read this post at The Passionate Homeschooler and was inspired!  Check out her beautiful workmanship.  Not sure if I'll get this done before the start of our school year, but I definitely want to make these sometime soon.

Tomorrow...the family reacts...

~ Dorie


  1. I'm in the final planning of our little school term here also! :) Can't wait to share! Thanks for a peek into what you are doing!

    And I LOVE Pam's bloggy!!! :)

  2. So glad to have found your site. I just got my homeschool blog together. I am now following yours.

    We are starting back on Aug 15th.

    God Bless and have a wonderful day.


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