July 18, 2011

Dog Days

Though I'm not sure of the exact start for the "dog days of summer,"
(when the dog star graces our skies and the long days are very hot)
but it sure feels like it lately.  We've had multiple heat waves so far,
and are at the beginning of another.
While away from home on vacation last week,
we were blessed with most days in the 80's
and nights in the 50's.
Since our return from the cooler mountain air,
the hot weather has kept us inside in the cool air
or beside the swimming pool,
both of which top this week's gratitude listing!

...continuing my gratitude listing...

576.  refresing air conditioned house and dips in the pool

577.  a fun week at camp for our two oldest

578.  funds to send them to camp, provided in a surprising way that only the Lord could

579.  spending individual time with our two youngest children

580.  children squeezed close to Daddy, watching Wind in the Willows

581.  washer machine spinning clean camp laundry one week and then vacation laundry the next

582.  a week spent away at a Bible retreat

583.  time spent together as a family

584.  time spent with friends, learning more about each other and strengthening bonds of friendship

585.  children's perspectives

586.  discussions of decisions and consequences with our oldest children

587.  relaxed atmosphere of retreat center

588.  cool nights (in the 50's!)

589.  amazing speakers

590.  learning more about church history and grace

591.  laundry from vacation is done

592.  opportunity to substitute teach Sunday school for 3 and 4 year olds this month with my husband

593.  a week long VBS about to start

594.  Moe asleep at my feet (he was boarded while we were on vacation)

595.  letter from my oldest daughter sent while she was at camp (first week in July), arriving after we returned from vacation (second week), but the written message was timeless and beautiful

...and so it continues...

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  1. Dorie - that is a beautiful list! I'm so glad that you are having good family time this summer :)


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