May 18, 2011

Unusual Flower Vases

While my mom and I prepped Easter dinner, the children played in the front yard.
They returned to the kitchen clutching bouquets of tiny spring flowers for us.
Glancing up from her work, my mom turned to me and said,
"Grab some shot glasses.  They are in the upper cabinet"
I stared at her open mouth, wondering why she wanted them.

"What?  That's why I keep them, for the flowers," she said answering my stare.
Laughing, I grabbed a chair, and retrieved them.

When filled with water and flowers these shot glasses adorned the window sill,
and created a lovely vista to gaze upon while washing dishes after the meal.

Although this is not my original idea, I thought others may be inspired by my mom's creativity,
and I have therefore linked this post to Works For Me Wednesday. 
For more inspiring and creative ideas check out this weekly link at We Are THAT Family.


  1. So sweet! I love putting flowers in glasses :)

  2. Ha! Though we don't have any actual shot glasses, I have a measuring cup (for T and t) that is the same size. Quite clever!

  3. Love this!!!! I keep my watkins vanilla bottles for this purpose. They are glass and vintage looking and perfect for those micro bouquets.


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