January 2, 2011

Dressing Up Dessert

Eating dinner together is a high priority in our household, and it is rare that we do not dine together.  Yet, the meal is hardly ever elaborate or even moderately complex.  Our typical meals are simple, very simple.  The children help in any and all steps that they are able, but there isn't always a chance for each child to help at every meal.

Nor would I want four other people helping in the kitchen at the same time.  As a result, we have a 'meal prep helper' role that the children take turns filling.  This allows me to work with each child on a one on one basis more effectively. 

And, preparing dinner is a skill I want to teach my children.  How to cook, time the meal, and create an appetizing dinner for their family is definitely valuable ~ something I feel they need to know.  If we can have fun and be a bit creative along the way, then all the better.

So, for our very first dinner of the new year, my oldest daughter and I prepared an ordinary dinner, but we wanted to dress up our brownie dessert.  It was New Year's Day after all.   

We decided to cut our brownies in star shapes.  Then we added a bit of icing, sugar decorations, and a chocolate kiss.  It was a simple and fun way to dress up our dessert. 


  1. How cute!! I am seeing heart brownies for Valentine's Day. :-)

  2. what a great idea! such a simple idea to make a special treat :) wonderful!!


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