October 11, 2010

Not Making an Impression

     Looking back on my childhood, I cannot remember the curtains that covered our house's windows.  Was there even curtains?  I suppose so, but I really don't know.  So, why when the following event happened, was I surprised?

One day, last week, I took down and washed the valance
from the kitchen window. 
As I hung it back up, my oldest son says, "Oh, changing it are you?"

"No," I reply.

"Isn't that one different?"

"No, same one that's been hanging there for the past four years. 
I just took it down to wash it."

"Oh, well" he casually responds,
"I thought something was missing.  I just didn't know what."


  1. LOL! But you know, it was a good illustration of what I tried to convey to my 11yo dd today. She told me about some friends from church who are allowed to do something that we do not allow our children to do. She wanted to know if their being allowed would keep them from Heaven. I assured her that if they are truly saved by faith in Jesus Christ, then no, it would not keep them from Heaven. But it *could* be a stumbling block that could cause them to fall in their walk; it *could* offend God and therefore we need to be wise in what we choose; it *could* play a part in desensatizing where our convictions are concerned. Like the curtains. They're ever present and, over time, we're kind of desensatized to their presence. Wish I'd read your post before my discussion with my dd today. It really might have made my point clearer. Have a great Monday.

  2. This post made me laugh!
    But it also reminded me of last Saturday. I actually bought a new shirt (that wasn't black)-It's very rare for me to buy myself anything. So anyway, my husband and I go out running errands and he says nothing about how cute I looked in my new shirt (AND I did look cute lol!) So when we are almost home I said, "I can't believe you didn't comment on my cute new shirt!" He said, "OH it's new???? I didn't realize but thought you looked as beautiful as you always do." (Good cover-up) So we get home and my 18 year old son is working on his car in the garage-As I get out of our truck my son says, "Wow Mom you look great I really love that shirt on you, when did you get that?" I was shocked that my son would notice!
    I'm always saying whoever that boy marries is going to be one blessed girl!

    Have a wonderful week,
    P.S. I think your valance looks great!


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