October 12, 2010

Moments of Mentoring

While making cupcakes with my daughters and one of their friends,
I was struck by their culinary enthusiasm and willingness to learn. 

They cracked eggs, measured ingredients,
stirred the batter, and filled one pan.

There was egg shells to be removed,
ingredients to be remeasured,
and batter to be cleaned off of counter tops and pans. 
Their efforts were very commendable.

The girls' tray

I watched it all, offering help and guidance when necessary. 
Afterwards, I filled another tray with the remaining batter.

My tray

The whole time, I was reminded me of how other ladies
have mentored me. 

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with many lovely ladies
who taught me. 
There were mentors for being
a wife,
a mom,
a prayer warrior,
a studier of God's Word, 
a homemaker,
a baker,
a gardener,
a homeschool mom,
and  more. 
So many different ladies with different gifts and expertise
have helped me learn more about life.
They didn't all have the same teaching style or methods,
but they were all willing to give their time and energy to help me.
Their patience and generosity with their lives were blessings to me.
Sometimes, they taught me directly
with lectures, conferences, and studies.
Sometimes, they taught me by example.
Sometimes, they taught with advice.
Sometimes, they taught by standing beside me,
allowing me to try something,
and then helping me while I was in a pinch.

Yet, each time they taught, it was with an open hand and heart.

Now, I find myself teaching directly,
by example,
with advice,
and standing by someone else.

May my teaching be with an open hand and heart.
May I be just as generous with my time and talents.


may I still be open to others' teachings and guidance.
After all, I'm still learning, too!

I'm still making mistakes, and still have a lot to learn!

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  1. I absolutely love this post...and the mentors you mention. I believe a wise person surrounds themselves with wise people....Thank you for sharing this...wonderful post!

  2. Well said! It's amazing what we can take and GIVE to others!

  3. This is a lovely post - and so true! What a blessing our mentors are, and how wonderful that we can mentor others too!!

  4. Hello Dorie, I enjoyed this post very much. Lovely words indeed! We all need to remember those who mentored us in different things and praise God for them. Thank you for helping us do that today :-)
    ps. I came over from Raising Homemakers.


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