October 11, 2013

R U Busy?

10 random thoughts from this hectic haze season of life...

1. Saying no to more is OK. We all have limitations. When your schedule goes haywire, your limitation may be time. We have said no to some really good things these past weeks. We just don't have the time right now. This will all change as fall sports season is winding down, but for now, we have a time constraint.

2. The crock pot is golden. Seriously, worth its weight in gold. Being able to prep a meal at anytime during the morning and have it ready for us in the evening is divine.

3. Organization is vital. Without an accurate calendar and paper filing system, I would be lost. Actually physically lost. I keep a master calendar alongside of individual schedules and email updates (these I print out - totally old school) for quick reference and assurance that I am indeed headed off to the right place on time.

4. Edit your life. Some things will just need to go during this season of your life, but edit wisely.

5. Real friends will understand. Funny thing is, during an extremely hectic time in life, real friends understand they may have to wait a day, or more, for you to return a call. And those real friends graciously accept this. They may even try to help you and ease some of your craziness.

6. Accepting help is not accepting defeat. Honestly, if it weren't for others helping with rides and the like, my children and I would not have gotten to everything on time. Whatever help your family or friends offer, say yes!

7. Remember your priorities. Yes, edit your life, say no to things, but keep living your priorities. If family dinners are important to you {they are to us}, then make them happen. {During this crazy busy time, we have eaten dinner as late as 8 PM, just so we could all eat together.}

8. Take care of yourself physically. Eat well, exercise, and get rest. You can not physically keep up this hectic pace without some prevention.

9. Give to others. Oddly, this is really an essential. Without looking outside of ourselves during a hectic season, there could be a tendency to become quite self centered. Time might be too difficult to give right now, but what about a loaf of homemade bread or outgrown girls' dresses?

10. Embrace the moments. Don't wish away this time. This season will quickly pass. There is joy to be had in the here and now.

The most important thing: Rely on God. Whether you got into this season by choices or happenstance, you are in it now. Pray and seek His will for this season in your life. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned, life editing to be done, or endurance to be stretched. Whatever the case, He will lead you through it. I know this to be true, for as I endure my current hectic haze, He is my Rock and Guide.
~ Dorie

P.S. We entered this current state of hectic haze due to not following #1. The Lord has been quite gracious sending us help right when we need it as we learn and grow from our mistakes. Live and learn, eh?

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