October 13, 2013

Dangerous ~ A Review

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Ever read a book and find it hard to encapsulate in words all that you feel and think because you read it?

Such is the case for me today. I just finished reading Dangerous: Engaging the People and Places No One Else Will, by Caleb Bislow with Ted Kluck.

This nonfiction work will either offend you or motivate you.

The offense could be two fold:

One could be offended by the conditions others live, the experiences others survive, and the subhuman treatment of people. In today's 'modern, enlightened' era, why are people still subjected to such dire straits?


One could be offended by these people. Those that live in the "dark, dangerous, and despised" places. {I hope not, but lack of compassion from fellow human beings is what has led to the continuation of these places.}


Bislow's words could motivate you to action, not just awareness. His stated hope is that through this book people will be moved to move beyond compassion and sorrow to humane action which shares Jesus with the "downtrodden, despised, and dangerous" people.

My Thoughts
The book is part autobiographical, part exposition, and part persuasive argument, all rolled into one cohesive work. Bislow shares his personal experiences which led him from a youth group leader to undertaking dangerous mission trips around the world and starting Unusual Soldiers, a ministry which trains individual for mission work.

Bislow presents his experiences in a humble tone, sharing freely his mistakes and giving God the glory for triumphs. Over the years, the Lord has led Bislow and others to minister in some unusual places and ways. The stories he shares are not light hearted, but difficult to hear, read, and experience. The message readers receive is that following Jesus is not easy, will sometimes lead us into dangerous places to minister to the least of these.

Though Bislow readily admits that not all of us are called to go into every dangerous place, we are all called to take Jesus to someone, somewhere, and this call is probably not to a comfortable place or experience. Included in the book are resources for individuals to get involved in his ministries as well as other ministries which are reaching the "dark, dangerous, and despised" people groups.

This book will inform you, but be warned it may even motivate, or offend, you into action.
~ Dorie

Fine Print: I received a copy of the book from the publisher for review purposes.

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