September 23, 2013

The Hectic Haze



When you add it all up, it doesn't fit.
There are more activities and events than days.

worship team practice
Bible studies {3 - the Drummer's mentoring group, my woman's group, and our oldest son's study on purity}
AWANA {2 participants and a volunteer worker}
Junior High youth group {participant and volunteer leaders}
piano lessons {2 children}
volleyball practice and games
cross country practices and meets
flag football practices and games

Add to all this: home education, meals, laundry, and cleaning
...and we enter the current state of my life.

Welcome to my hectic haze.

Such a stark contrast to the lesser life of summer days.

As a wise friend told me: "It is such a first world problem."

Indeed it is.

Which makes me almost embarrassed to admit my struggle, exhaustion, and frustration.
Though I don't want to wish these days away,
I can't help but remember only a few more weeks of this schedule to go
and then I'll be enjoying another Thanksgiving.

Perhaps in different ways this year,
but most assuredly in gratitude for less rush in the schedule.

~ Dorie

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