August 29, 2013

Summer Days

In honor of all the children returning, or soon returning to school, I give you my version of "What I did on summer vacation..."

A tad cheesy, I know, but I'm going for it anyway.

Since I've already shared a few tidbits, including the shoe find, the Wii's death, which by the way has been fixed - my Drummer husband really can fix anything, and the comings and goings of our oldest two children, I won't include them here. Instead you'll find a summary of some of the other summertime happenings. Perhaps, you too share one of these experiences.

What I Did On Summer Break

transformed my 10 year old girl's bedroom from little girl flowers to a more mature look

sliced apart swim noodles for the boys {and later girls too} to create a 'massive' marble roller coaster in the living room

caught and observed countless bugs for my youngest son's upcoming science classes

went on a week long family retreat to a Bible conference center in a beautiful setting

visited four different water parks {seriously!}

took an all day car ride to a mountain lake and spent a week there with some of my husband's family

dismantled and unclogged a 7 year old vacuum cleaner only to discover that indeed there is a permanent filter that is suppose to be rinsed every 6 months (missed twice a year for 7 years = 14 rinses missed...yep, I'll save ya the details on that one)

prepared to start high school with our oldest (we are continuing on in our homeschool journey we started when he was preschool age)

spent one full day taking the children to the dentist, pediatrician, and eye doctor {Before the day, I was telling people, it was either ingenious or insane - Turns out, it was ingenious - one day and done!}

climbed a mountain

saw the sunrise over a lake

swam in that same lake

rode an ATV Segway {the Drummer and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on two wheel ATV Segways riding cross country trails in the mountains}

wrote the child we sponsor through Compassion

reorganized our backroom {our main room for homeschooling}

purchased one too many books...didn't read enough books

Ah, summer how I will miss the days,

Picture credit: Last photo of the Drummer and I taken by the man who spent a morning with us on the trails.

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