June 24, 2013

A Summertime Sabbatical & Farewell For Now

When I was a child, my brother and I had the same fifth grade teacher. In between my brother's fifth grade year and mine, the teacher took a sabbatical. He traveled the United States. I am not sure if he did something more than just travel. After all, I was just in grade school when he returned, and I don't remember all the specifics. I do, however, remember the idea of a sabbatical.

A sabbatical meant a time of break. A time to change one's routine and do something different for awhile with the intent of returning at some point. Hopefully, to return wiser and more knowledgeable.

It has been almost three years. I have blogged, wrote, swapped stories, read what others have written, and shared photographs here at These Grace Filled Days

This blogging experience has changed me. In many ways, I am different and have learned a great deal. I will forever be grateful for these first three years of blogging experience, but most importantly I am grateful for the dear people and friends I have met in this journey.

I won't be giving up blogging at These Grace Filled Days completely, but just taking a summertime break, my summer sabbatical. In a short time, I hope to return to blogging at this site.

However, I could not leave you, even for this short time, without expressing my heartfelt appreciation. Your kindness and words of encouragement have been a tremendous blessing.
Thank you.

And for now, farewell friends,
~ Dorie

"If God leads you to stop something, He is preparing you to do something else."
~ Charles Stanley
{I read this quote long ago, and it seems so fitting to me right now. It was attributed to Charles Stanley.}


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  1. That is some big news! Glad I will still get to see you!


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