June 11, 2013

Summer Reading for Me

School has ended. Summer has begun. Alas lazy days are upon us again. After a whirl wind of spring activity I am quite ready to embrace the long days of summer. Though I know full well lazy probably won't be applicable. With the longer days and additional free time, both the children and I have been reading more. Below are a few titles I have worked through, or are currently working through the pages.

Summer Reading
Granted a few of these titles were started in the spring, I'll call it summer reading anyway...
{It should be said: None of these books were/are for review - just personal reading choices...almost all from our local community library. Links are provided for readers' information; none of the links are affiliates.}

Christian Living:
The Ever-Loving Truth, by Voddie Bauchman - My husband and I heard Voddie speak several times during a recent homeschool convention we attended. We thoroughly enjoyed his sessions and gleaned important information from each one. While walking the vendor hall, we stopped at his booth and picked up this title and his most recent work, Family Shepherds, which my husband is currently reading.

A Woman's Wisdom, by Lydia Brownback - A sweet friend lent this book to me. I am doing my best to read through it and return it before a year's time. This same friend had posted a review of the book. When I didn't win, sniff, she graciously lent me her copy, which I have had for several months now, ahem.

Revolutionary Parenting, by George Barna - A must read for all those parents who desire to grow children up in the Lord successfully. Backed by research, surveys, and interviews this book is filled with solid advice and examples for parenting.

Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser - the subtitle says it all 'The Dark Side of the All-American Meal" - can I just say ewww? I have never cared for fast food. It is a personal preference to not eat it. Yet, now that I know some solid reasons to pause before taking a bite, I'm not sure I ever want to eat fast food again.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt - If you've ever needed motivation to read through a phone book size book, the education of your children should help you continue through this thick book. Filled with examples of deliberate decisions, policies, and trends which result in compromising the public educational system, this book is worth the time it takes to read. Each chapter covers about a decade of time. {Due to our library's policy of a maximum renewal of three times, I had to return the book before I finished reading the whole thing. Reaching only the 1980's I still have a ways to go, and will be borrowing it again.}

Already Compromised, by Ken Ham & Greg Hall - Years ago, I read Already Gone, by Ken Ham & Britt Beemer. It was eye opening with its revelations about the youth, church, and faith. Just this spring, I learned Ken Ham had authored another book called Already Compromised. This book is about college educations and how many Christian colleges have become compromised. Startling statistics and surveys reveal that many Christian colleges are teaching evolution as fact. With a child about to start high school and college looming on the horizon, I thought it was a title to peruse. {I am still reading through it.}

Other Titles Being Considered:
I'm considering reading the following titles as well.
Hamlet, by William Shakespeare
Six Great Dialogues, by Plato
Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes
You Lost Me, by David Kinnaman

Any suggestions for some good summer reading?
~ Dorie


  1. I am quite certain that your friend won't be rereading that title any time too soon! :) Enjoy it and take your time!

    (The Fruitful Wife is another one I highly recommend!)

  2. Great line up!

    I am putting together a blog tour for a dear friend. Her debut book is Homeschooling Co-op's 101. If you are interested in signing up to join us, more info can be found here:


    Thanks so much!


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