April 22, 2013

A Movie Worth Seeing - King's Faith

So often movies are watched for entertainment or escape. While this is not inherently wrong, what is wrong with watching a movie to generate thought and compassion? or even change and action?

What about a good movie which can be used to promote an incredible message? Maybe even share the life saving power of Jesus?

This past weekend, my husband and I were blessed with the opportunity to preview a movie that does more than entertain. It is a movie which will challenge audiences to think, act, and believe. King's Faith depicts Brendan, a teen aged boy, who is struggling to live his new life while dealing with the ramifications of his choices from his old life.

The Movie Storyline:

As the movie opens, Brendan has just been released on parole after serving a three year sentence. He is taken in by Mike and Vanessa, who are still healing from the death of their son, Lewis, who was a police officer. Mike and Vanessa's home is Brendan's 18th foster home, and it will be his last. He has aged out of the system.

While serving his time, Brendan was given a Bible. He read it and believed it. His life was dramatically changed as only Jesus can. Mike, who is also the faculty sponsor for a Christian group at the high school, mentors Brendan. Mike trusts and cares for Brendan from the start. His wife, Vanessa, does not have the same confidence in Brendan.

One day, while driving, Brendan and a friend find a car wreck. Brendan manages to rescue the teenage girl, Natalie, while his friend calls for help. This heroic act propels Brendan into the spotlight and helps former gang members locate him. When these three former gang members show up in Brendan's life, they wreck everybody and everything. Brendan must make some difficult decisions, but the most poignant question he must answer is whether he will trust God to work in the situation.

My Thoughts:

King's Faith is a movie encapsulating faith, life, and hard decisions. The characters and their struggles are engaging. Main characters are dynamic, with virtues and flaws clearly depicted. The story line's rising action engrosses viewers, who will want to know what choices Brendan makes and how it turns out. The ending was satisfying. It was not an ending which neatly solves every problem or dilemma, but it offered viewers the confidence of good things to come. It offered hope. 

After viewing the film, I would recommend it to others. Not only could this movie be watched by individuals, it could be used by families with older children, in youth group settings, and for an outreach. The movie would generate questions and discussions.

King's Faith portrays a relatable contemporary story line which will resonate with audiences. 

Visit the website to learn more about this remarkable film, find a theater near you, and request the accompanying Bible study.

My gratitude to those who allowed me to preview this film.
~ Dorie

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