February 27, 2013

Living in Vice Grips

Lately, I have been feeling like I am living in vice grips,
under pressure from all sides.
My days are harried.
There seems to be no sense of relief.

Being fully aware that this sensation is not good,
and knowing I have a lot on my schedule,
I am praying about changes.

After all, there can be seasons of busyness which are meant to be,
and I don't want to drop anything the Lord wants me to do.

However, I am pretty sure there are some things on my schedule
which can fall by the side of the road as I journey onward.
I just want to be sure to drop the right things.

Today, I am sharing how I can tell I might be over scheduled.
Perhaps you can relate.
~ Dorie

How to tell if you have too much on your plate:
If you agree to any or all of these statements, you may be over scheduled.

  • Margins of time, also known as cushions of time to absorb the unexpected, do not exist.
  • Free time to pursue anything of interest is not available.
  • Distractions happen easily.
  • The slightest bump in your day wrecks everything else in a snow ball fashion. 
  • Feeling tired. All the time.
  • Fun, laughter, and spontaneity are at minimums, if at all.
  • On edge with a quick fuse when something doesn't go as planned.
  • If one more thing needs to be scheduled into a day, it might just burst {literally}.

Follow up: I wrote this post over a month ago. I delayed sharing it as sometimes penned (or in this case) typed words are too fresh and raw to be read by others. A distance of time and healing helps. Since the time of writing, I am no longer feeling overwhelmed. After speaking with my husband and praying, I know what things I can leave alongside the road as I journey the path the Lord has set before me. Saying no to something good isn't always easy, but in some cases it is necessary to be able to say yes to the better and best.


  1. I totally get this post. This week has been a WEEK and we are over scheduled and a little stressed...and I'm working on relaxing and letting go!

  2. Hi Dorie, So glad that cloud has lifted for you! You are so right! Letting go can be hard and knowing what to let go of, even harder! It is always amazing to me the clarity that can come with prayer and talking things out with my hubby. Thanks for sharing this.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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