December 17, 2012

Peppermint Bliss

The scent of peppermint,
and the taste,
both divine!
Last week, I set the table in red and white linens.
Pulled out our everyday dishes, which happen to be stark white,
poured milk into glasses,
and created a red and white breakfast for our children.
The night before, I baked chocolate chip peppermint muffins by adding
chocolate chips and crushed peppermint candies to a standard muffin recipe.
For a slightly less cookie muffin alternative,
I made whole wheat cranberry lemon muffins
from the same base recipe.
During breakfast, it seemed quite fitting to listen to
Overall, it was a lovely way to start our day.
Rather not do a red and white breakfast?
One day, we enjoyed peppermint flavored hot cocoa.
Another, we ate a Chocolate-Candy Cane Cake, which I had made.
With just a hint of peppermint mixed into the cake, it was a delicious treat!
~ Dorie


  1. Oh my - the yumminess!! Makes me want to go and get some peppermints right now!

  2. By not reading at first and just looking at the images, I thought you were putting on a party...not a little breakfast for the kids. It is wonderful how special you made the meal!

    The photos are stunning, Dorie!


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