September 16, 2012

To Wait or Not

Some days, deciding what to do and what not to do can be easy.  There is a small to do list, and it all gets done.  Other days, the list has more items than the day has minutes.  These are the days when items need to get done, but not everything will.  Personally, I have a system of what gets cut and what remains.  It looks something like this...

What can wait:
dry cleaning and ironing
house cleaning to pass the white glove test
gourmet meals
the best, most read blog post
award winning landscapes

What can NOT wait:
building / maintaining a strong marriage
our children's hearts
creating memories with family and friends
reaching out to neighbors
doing what God wants us to do

{Pictures from this post were taken at the edge of a forest near my in-laws home. Beautiful flowers!}


  1. I , very literally, jsut printed your post and printed it where I can see it all morning long... One of the hardest things for me homeschooling is that I have so much else to do. It has been good to close the door on the classroom while we do school... but now mybe I can let go of the sneaky little thoughts as well.

  2. So, so true! It's a balance that I struggle with weekly - but thankfully I'm doing better and better at choosing well :)


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