September 14, 2012


Though I haven't done the Five Minute Fridays in awhile, it is a writing exercise I enjoy tremendously.  Today, I took the five minutes and did.  Theme for this week is focus.


It didn't seem right to start him with history when he didn't understand that there is a huge world of people beyond his own backyard.  It is bigger than a trip across town, state, or even five states. 

With the start of his schooling, he began his own trip around the world.  Each day he learns who shares this planet.  He learns about different cultures, languages, beliefs, houses, and holidays.  We focus on the differences in detail, but he learns we are all the same in some ways.  From the same Creator to the same need for shelter, food, community, and Jesus, we are all really the same. 

The week he studies Mexico, he winds a God's Eye. The whole time, the world spins round with 6 billion+ people riding.  6 billion+ people, who are different but the same, all on this rotating ride together.  All the while, God is focused on each one of us.  He is watching, but not from a distance.  He's been here among us, and is ready to be found by those who focus on Him.

Around and around he winds yarn until the eye is completed.  Around and around we spin until time is gone.  

Ever watchful, ever full of grace and love, God is waiting for you, waiting for me, to turn our eyes to Him.


Ugh, I so want to add more, but maybe another day with another five minutes! 
~ Dorie

Five Minute Friday


  1. Beautiful post. So glad I stopped by your place.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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