July 9, 2012

Together on Tuesdays - Week 4

Welcome back for another week of Together on Tuesdays!  Does anyone else think summer is going by too quickly? This is already our fourth week of this summertime link-up. Today, we are sharing some of our favorite places, either local or vacation.

Truly, our family is blessed to live in an area that is close to several major cities, tree covered mountains, a large bay, sandy ocean beaches, and farm dotted countryside.  We can hop in the car and make it to one of these areas for the day.  Although some trips will be a bit longer than others, they can still be done in one day.

One of our favorite places to go for a day trip is a nearby public garden.  The flowers are always gorgeous, and quite often there are unusual events.  Most importantly, it is definitely a great place to visit with family and friends!

Recently, we went toward evening time.  We didn't go for the beautiful blossoms, though we saw a bunch.

Instead, we went for the lights.  We have never seen anything like it!  Walking through the gardens at night, viewing amazing light displays of many hues, was something none of us will ever forget.  I'll let the pictures tell some of the story.  Though, I should add here that I was trying out a "Night Vision" setting on my camera, and all the pictures are in black and white.  {If I knew more about photography and my camera, I probably could tell you what that means.  However, I do not. Sincere apologies to anyone wondering what it all means.  All I can share is the pictures!}

Truly, it was spectacular!  Hopefully, you can see why it is one of my favorite places.  Another of our favorite places which I have shared in the past is found here. I won't ruin the surprise within the post, but the memory of it keeps my husband and I laughing. {Incidentally, it was the very first post I ever wrote!}

Next Week: Share your summer plans, activities, and/or traditions

Today, if you have a favorite place, local or vacation, that you would like to share just write a post, or link to a past one.  Please add a text link to either This Simple Home or These Grace Filled Days, and then add your post to the link-up below. Be sure to link your post and not your home page. This makes it much easier to find your post for the link-up.

Ready to link up? We'd love to get to get to know you better during these relaxing summer months.


  1. Beautiful photos, Dorie!

  2. AnonymousJuly 10, 2012

    What an ideal spot to be so close so such a variety of places to visit!

    The public gardens sound like they'd be nice any time of day, but the lighting dows look like it would have been spectacular.

  3. I love this!! Wonder how far away we are from it?

  4. That's awesome that y'all are so close to all of those places. Those lights look like such an amazing experience!


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