May 8, 2012

A Miss and a Hit: The Hit

Yesterday, the miss, and today, the hit!  Reading this thin book was a little like watching a batter take a chance and hit the ball.  Dare I say, out of the ball park, grand slam style?

The entire book is about grace, but not just any grace.  No, it is an entire book devoted to helping readers understand about God's saving grace.  Within five chapters John MacArthur defines grace, clarifies a few misconceptions about grace, and outlines how grace looks in a life devoted to Christ.  MacArthur tackles tough topics like freedom from the law, obedience, and good works all in relationship to God's grace. 

The Truth about Grace may be a brief book, a little over one hundred pages, but it is jammed pack with life changing truths about grace.  As part of a series, there are currently two other titles within the series: The Truth about Forgiveness and The Truth about the Lordship of Christ.  I look forward to exploring these books as well.
 ~ Dorie

In exchange for an honest review, I received a complimentary copy of The Truth about Grace from the publisher.

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  1. It looks really good. I will keep watch out for it.


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