February 6, 2012

When You Do Have Enough Time

Seven years ago, we had three children, five and under in age.  It was then, for my husband's birthday that I wanted to make a homemade birthday cake.   But not just any cake.  No, I had in mind to make this one particular cake that was complex, including multisteps.  I also wanted to make the icing.  It, too, was complex. 

It took all day.

Literally, every free moment I had between caring for the children and the home was spent making that cake. By that evening, I was exhausted, but the cake was finished, and delicious.

It was then, seven years ago, I determined that perhaps it was not the right time or phase in my life to be making this particular chocolate cake, no matter how delicious it was. {It really is that good!}

Last week, the Drummer's birthday rolled around again. I thought perhaps now was the time. Though we have one more child, he is now five years old, and the rest of the children are older.  The mixing and baking went smoother.  Though time intensive, I was able to get the entire cake mixed and baked by mid afternoon while still fulfilling my other daily responsibilities. The icing was made in a three step procedure, and smoothed onto the cake before dinner.

The following day, on his birthday, I covered the cake with sprinkles, writing, and candles. It was just as delicious as we remembered it.

I was grateful for the time to make and serve it.  And, I am especially glad that my husband and the children loved it! 
~ Dorie

...continuing my gratitude listing...

935.  having time to make that cake

936.  my family enjoying the chocolate cake

937.  celebrating another year of the Drummer's life, and what a blessing he is to me and our children

938.  taking a nature hike on a Friday afternoon with the children and my husband

939.  getting up early Saturday morning, finishing chores and errands by lunchtime

940.  a free afternoon

941.  finishing one hundred days of school last week

942.  a peanut butter and chocolate treat for the 100th day - yummy!

943.  fun hike with friends

944.  time at the library to peruse the shelves

945.  sharing memories of my Pap with our children on Groundhog's Day {he was a member of the lodge}

946.  our youngest describing a new chicken dish I threw together as "pretty decent," and the smile it brought to my face

947.  listening to a pastor from Bulgaria speak on Sunday morning

948.  an evening watching the Super Bowl with my family

...and so it continues...


  1. I am looking forward to when I will "have time" (although I am certainly not complaining as spending my days caring for my girls is amazing!).

    1. Yes, each phase has its blessings!

  2. You are so right about the amount of time homemade often takes. I was reminded after my recent battle with my husband's birthday cake.

    Sorry about the Super Bowl, but glad the time together was a blessing.

    1. Yeah, the Patriot fans in our home are a bit disappointed, but it was still fun to watch together.

  3. I loved your list. I am glad your hubby and family enjoyed the cake. It sounded delicious.


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