February 23, 2012

Making Lunch Special

Typically, if I am going to fix a special meal for my children it will be either breakfast or dinner. 
I seem to have more time to prep these meals.

Lunch preparation falls during the day which is filled with lessons and learning.  And, if I am completely honest, it is a meal that usually one of the children fixes sandwiches while I dole out side dishes. 

Sometimes, we serve muffins, hard boiled eggs, and fruit.  Since muffins only take a few minutes to mix up and about twenty to bake, it coincides nicely with washing fruit and boiling / shelling eggs.  The other day, I pulled out our heart shaped muffin pans to make it a bit more special.

Then, at another lunch time, I wanted to serve a hot meal.  {Well, I really wanted soup, but I didn't have time to fix the chicken soup from scratch I was craving, and decided to make baked oatmeal instead.  Perhaps an odd substitute but it did fit the hot meal criteria.} 

As I dished it out in pie shaped portions, I was inspired by this idea from my friend Annette at This Simple Home.  I did my best to cut our apples into heart shapes and garnished each steaming portion of baked oatmeal with one.  A little french vanilla yogurt added on the side, and our meal was complete. 

Though these lunches were exceptions to our sandwich routine, they were both greatly welcomed by the children, and it was a nice way to make them feel special.
~ Dorie


  1. OOh - that baked oatmeal looks yummy :) What a great way to make a special lunch!

  2. Your children are so blessed that you work to make special meals for them on occasion. What a great way to show your love for them!

  3. It really is amazing what a little thought does to make our children feel special. Meals are an easy way for us moms to do it, too. Very cute idea. (Sometime you'll have to tell me how baked oatmeal compares to stovetop...and share the recipe, too.)

    Glad the apple inspired you!


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