December 28, 2011

Seven out of Ten

7 out of 10
words correct, not bad for a spelling test.

7 out of 10
hits, excellent for a batting average. 
At least I think it may be, not too much of a baseball stats kind of gal.

7 out of 10
weeks, a trying amount of time for a husband to have to travel away from his family.

His travel is over, and I have learned a great deal through it.  A lot about myself, communication, and asking for help. 

However, I think I may have grown the most in is appreciation for my mom.  My dad traveled for work all my youth.  It was hard on us as children, but I never grasped how hard it was for my mom.  Until now.

This past season of life has fostered a larger appreciation for the woman who walks the path of life ahead of me, stops, turns, and offers her hand in help and understanding as I stumble and falter as a mom. 

Today, as I look at my daughters, I hope that I can do the same for them when, Lord willing, they are blessed to be moms.
~ Dorie


  1. It's all perspective for 7/10.

    So glad you've grown and learned...and have new respect for your mom!

  2. ...truly a blessing through it all.

  3. It is good to find peace in our situations, and to gain compassion for those who have walked before us. Every day we are learning at His feet.

  4. wow - that is a lot of travel on him and you! Wonderful perspective!

  5. great perspective... and i have been there...My HUbby traveled a lot when the girls were little.. and I am not good at asking for help, or even receiving help..

    I hope I am a good steward of this knowledge for my girls


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