December 22, 2011

The Cookie Disaster

{day 22 of DPP}

This is how the cookie baking started.
I mixed up the butter cookie dough for cut out cookies,
set it in the refrigerator to chill,
and decided to mix up double chocolate chip cookies.
All seemed to go well...
until I took this out of the oven.

They don't look too bad, you say?  I said that, too.
Thought I could squeak by with them.  Only serve them to our family, ya know?
Until I tried to remove them from the pan...

...and yes, the pan was greased.

Hmm, maybe you could use them for ice cream toppings or something like that,
because surely they must still taste good, right?

No, not so much.

Ugh, do I dare continue with today's baking list:
double chocolate chip cookies,
shape cookies,
peanut butter blossoms,
kisses, and
pumpkin cookies?

Since after all, in the cookie disaster war...
it's cookies: 1, me: none.
Back to the battle field,
or I mean, kitchen.
~ Dorie


  1. HA! Love it (the post)...even if it didn't work. Did you figure out the problem?

    Your belly must be happy today! I bet the kids are loving it!

    I am attmepting to clean my dining room. It's our catch all...

  2. Oh dear! I think you have a good attitude about your cookie disaster. I can't say that my attitude would be as gracious as yours. I tend to get very upset when I have a "cooking disaster" in the kitchen.

    Anyway, you still have some other cookies to bake. So, you still have a VERY GOOD chance of improving upon your "none" score. :)

  3. Oh no!! Sounds like what happens in our kitchen :) Hope the rest went much smoother!!


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