October 7, 2011

Missing the Warning

Dinner was cooking when I noticed it.  Corn and carrots steaming, pasta boiling, and meat baking, I could not just leave the meal.  "Hey, Honey, could you come here a minute?"

"Yeah, is everything OK?" he answers from the family room.

"Yes, I was just hoping to capture that light in a photograph.  Would you mind watching the meal for a couple of minutes?"

"Sure, anything need done?" he graciously takes over stirring.

"Not really, I'll be real quick," I assure him.

Grabbing my camera, I dart out the back door.  Crouching low and angling the camera upwards, I snap a shot.

Then I decided a few steps to the left would capture a better angle.  Rising, I move four steps over, and lower to the ground.  I center and focus, excitedly thinking how beautiful the shot will be.  But just as I press the button to take the photograph, my camera shuts down.  The screen reads, "Battery Exhausted."

No, how could this happen?  The photograph could have been neat.  How did I not know the battery was low?

I returned to the kitchen, defeated, battery charger in hand.

"Did you get the shot?" he happily asks.

"No, my battery died," I mumble.  "I didn't even notice the low battery warning."

How do you heed a warning when you don't even notice it until it is too late?


  1. awesome!
    so many time in my life i don't listen to the warnings before my battery gets too low!

    the shot is great, sorry you didn't get just the one you wanted though.

    have a great weekend!!

  2. So true on so many levels -thanks for the gentle reminder to watch and listen for the warnings!

  3. This is so true. Not listening to the warning signs in our life could prove very hazardous to our health in a variety of ways.

    Good lesson, but I am sorry that you didn't get your "perfect shot." I know how that goes. It can be very disappointing.


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