September 22, 2011

A View from the Edge

We stumbled upon it.  Having no idea it was there, we entered the large auditorium and were stupefied.  The noise deafening, and the crowds plentiful.  Amongst the throngs of people stood rows of tables.  On top of each table scores of flowers housed in vases were highlighted with labels and award ribbons.

There they sat, admired and awarded.  Each one a beauty in its own right.  Each one deserved a space at the table, but the awards were distributed only to the best.  The gardeners awarded for their work, their effort, and their skill.  People pushed through the rows, photographing, reading, and discussing the blossoms.

The scene was overwhelming, especially because it was unexpected.  We didn't know so many people entered and attended flower competitions, and we hadn't planned on visiting the exhibit.  However, we were there, and I was feeling claustrophobic.  I would not, could not, enter the room.  It was too much for me.  I could not focus on the flowers with the expanse of the room and so much activity and crowds.

So, I admired the scene from the outer edges, viewing up close only the flowers on the outskirts of the room.  I missed many blossoms, but I thoroughly enjoyed those I could see from my vantage point along the edge.

...continued tomorrow in A View from the Edge - Part II

~ Dorie

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  1. it's too much! the ladies in the air and now this! those flowers are amazing! {i would have had to watch from the sidelines too :}


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