June 27, 2011

Remembering All He Has Done

Many months have passed since I began this gratitude journey joining the community at A Holy Experience with Ann.  For the most part, each Monday, I have added to this growing list of blessings.  Some weeks there were many and others a little less, but each week always remembrance, gratitude, and praise to the Lord for his showers of blessings. 

Yesterday, our church family joined together for worship in our new family center.
The new construction of an addition has been completed, and now the sanctuary and 'older' building
must be 'brought up' to code with a new sprinkler system and other minor repairs.

Last week, the pews were moved into the new gym.
A church member had created a sturdy,
but simple bracing device for the pews to be fitted into the gym. 
My husband and three oldest children helped out that evening and had seen the results.  
Sunday, however, was my first view. 

We entered the new portion of the building, and I felt like I was entering a new church.  The gym was huge!  My husband had gotten there an hour early for warm-up, and had saved us seats in the third row.  We typically sit up front toward the left side.  It is easier for the Drummer to get up during service for music.  The children and I tumbled forward, walking long aisles, past familiar and unfamiliar faces.  All was a blur, as I tried to take in the building and people. 

Seated in the third row pew, I could see forward to the pulpit brought over from the sanctuary.  The Lord's Supper, Communion, was spread before it.  An act of remembrance of all He has done for us.  His body broken, His blood flowed...for me, for you, for all.  

Service began, and conversations ceased. 
Faces turned forward, upward to the Lord. 
Hearts joined together as we sang...
"Blessed be Your name...You give and take away...
but my heart will choose to say...Blessed be Your name..."

And, isn't that the gratitude way?  Singing praises to God by expressing our thanksgiving for all He has done for us, whether He has given us something, or taken something away...
through it all He is God, He is in control, and He is good! 

554.  joining my church family in worship

555.  singing praises to God

556.  remembering all He has done for me

557.  the Lord's Supper

558.  linger on the lawn after service

559.  conversations with church family

560.  dentist who treated my daughter kindly and with dignity

561.  final meeting for schooling

562.  library visits

563.  afternoons spent poolside and in the pool

564.  helpful children learning new chores

565.  husband grilling new, tasty meats and side dishes

566.  meeting friends at the park

567.  an Eeyore cloud turning into a full blown storm, sending us and our friends to our cars

568.  our generous friends offering to host our visit at their house on a moment's notice

569.  an afternoon of fun and fellowship with our friends

570.  oldest son and his best friend visiting my parents' house for an overnight visit and the fun they all had

571.  excitement building for the two oldest as a week-long camping experience will soon occur

...and so it continues...


  1. It was an amazing first glimpse into the new building for me, too. With so many unfamiliar around me, it was like transporting the pastor to a new church...and being there. :)

  2. AnonymousJune 27, 2011

    I always enjoy reading your blessings, Dorie, for you always have so much to be thankful for - and this you always do with a positive attitude. :)

    I loved your photographs of the daisies as well. They were simply gorgeous! :)

  3. Going into a new building must have been exciting and a little overwhelming all at once. How wonderful that your church is able to do those repairs!!


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