April 12, 2011

Understanding Tears

His thigh pressed tightly against mine.  No matter how far I moved away, he scooted closer. 

It was just the two of us, eating dinner at a restaurant of his choice. 

When the hostess seated us, I had asked him which side of the booth he wanted,
and he had chosen.  I sat opposite.  He rose and insisted on joining me. 

So, we sat, side by side. 

Pressed tightly against one another in a large booth, I had no place to put my arm,
except around him.  I did.

He was pleased. 

At three years old, he was thrilled to have mommy all to himself. 
His three older siblings and daddy were away on an autumn church camping trip. 

My mind turned back the pages to a time to when my husband and I were first starting out together...our wedding rehersal dinner...

We sat as close as possible, pressed side by side.  Longing for the next day, our wedding day, just one more day away.  Then, two would become one...leaving parents to cleave to one another. 

A new beginning.

Shyly, I approached his mother.  A copied poem in hand.  Words penned in calligraphy over a water color wash...

To My Other Mother
author unknown

You are the other mother I received
The day I wed your son,
And I just want to thank-you Mom
For everything you’ve done.
You’ve given me a gracious man
With whom I share my life,
You are his lovely mother,
And I his lucky wife.
You used to pat his little head,
And now I hold his hand.
You raised in love a little boy,
And then gave me the man.

Her eyes welled up as she read.  Given in love, and received with tears...why?

Tears, I did not understand...

Over 12 years later, in a restaurant booth, a little boy, age three, presses his thigh next to mine, and smiles wide.  Again, like every day since our oldest was born and grasped my finger with a tiny fist, I melt. 

And, I tear up...why? 

Now, I understand...as tears flow freely.

"Mommy, are you OK?"

"Yes, baby, I'm fine," my voice cracks.  "I love you."

"I love you," he says and gazes up at me, "but, why is your face wet?"

I smile, laugh, and wipe my cheeks dry.  "Shall we order dinner?"  I ask him.

"Yes, I'm hungry," and he smiles wide.


  1. I can't wait to share that with my MIL on Mother's Day. Unfortunately, I am closer to her than my own for various reasons. Faith is one of them.

    I teared up as I read your account of dinner out with your little guy. So sweet.

  2. How cute and sweet. I tear up too thinking of the dear blessings my little ones are.

  3. those are the tears that I love!

  4. Good morning Dorie! What a precious, precious memory. I have also had moments where I tear up while the the girls are cuddling, or playing, or just during an impromtu hug. Those are the moments that make the tougher moments easy to bear.

    That poem is just lovely! What a wonderful gift of love.

  5. Beautiful!! I had a similar experience with my MIL. Brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Dorie,

    That was a lovely poem that you gave to your mother-in-love. :) I have a special mother-in-love too, whom I love very much. :)

    At any rate, this was a beautiful story. I almost shed a few happy tears while reading it. :)

    -L. Rose


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