April 14, 2011

Mentoring in Modern Times

I admit it.  It was partly my fault.  Although he made the choice, I am the one who gave him the supplies.

Let me explain...

Once a week, my youngest son and I have an evening to spend, just the two of us.  My husband and three older children attend soccer practice.  Both my son and I enjoy our evenings spent together generally doing something he has picked out. 

Recently one warm spring evening, after a few days of rain, he wanted to play outside with the dog.  Since we had just finished dinner, I asked him to brush his teeth.  I squeezed paste on his brush, put water in his cup, and he was to do the rest.  For awhile now, he has been brushing well, multiple times a day with no issues. 

I left to finish cleaning the table thinking he would simply brush his teeth and we would go outside.

Instead, today, he chose to use the toothpaste and toothbrush to scrub his face. 

I returned to a scene of bubble coated cheeks and a laughing boy. 

I was aghast.  After all, I had provided the tools and he had the knowledge, yet he chose not to follow through.

Although I am fully aware that on this particular evening, he was just being silly, this incident brought this question to my mind...Are people, young in the faith, treated in a similar fashion? 

Are they given the tools, knowledge, and ample encouragement, and then set on their own, to experience life as a Christian without an experienced Christian friend, mentor, or guide?  Not necessarily someone to dictate or replace their accountability to God Himself, but someone in a Titus 2 fashion. 

My personal experience, I am learning, is not always the norm.  Although, I have not always been blessed with a formal mentor, I have had many lovely ladies, older in the faith (not necessarily age) who have come along side of me, taught me, and encouraged my walk with the Lord.  To this day, after almost 17 years of walking with the Lord, I still seek out the wisdom and advice of more mature in the faith women.  And, even though I don't consider myself 'arrived,' I do know my past experiences can be of some value and encouragement to another.  Personally, I want to be sure to be available to others to help and encourage wherever I can. 

Over the past year, I have learned that my experience is not typical.  While we all benefit tremendously from reading wonderful words of wisdom in books or on websites, there is something special about an interactive and personally involved mentoring relationship.  Yet, from what I have learned, some women have never had mentors or older women in their lives to teach and encourage them on a personal level.

So, today I am wondering:  What are your thoughts on mentoring in the current times?

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  1. I don't know what I would do without a few of my trusted mom/mentor friends at our church! It has never been a "spoken" mentor relationship, but I know they are more experienced and can help me in so many areas... and I benefit immensely.

    Great post today! Coming to you from Thought Provoking Thursday.

  2. Mentoring is so needed!

    From my experience, I became a Christian (non-Christian upbringing/home) at the age of about 14. However, I didn't really commit my life to God and allow Jesus to be my Lord of my life until I was 22.

    Now that I am stronger...and still growing...I am thankful for my Bible study and friends that can help me be a better wife and mother...and daughter of God.

  3. I have a few wonderful women who mentor me (although a few probably don't know it!) and I would be lost without them.

    I love that as I'm growing in my faith I'm able to look around me and ask for guidence instead of thinking that I already know it all!!

    You have been a wonderful encouragement to me through your blogging :)


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