April 11, 2011

Spring Mud and Dirt

A dog,

a ball,

some mud,

some dirt,

and a boy...

good times!

...continuing my gratitude listing...

421.  cleaning out two closets of clothing and a good amount of clothing still good enough for others to use

422.   tasty, homegrown potatoes, and the relatives who gave them to us

423.  smell of earth as I wash those potatoes

424.  our littlest throwing the tennis ball for our dog in the back yard

425.  spring mud that coated both boy and dog afterward

426.  baths for both

427.  rain moving through and soccer practice still held

428.  a fun lesson at science co-op on metamorphosis

429.  scents of spring and the reminders they bring

430.  kind words of others

431.  a little one helping hang laundry by handing me clothes pins

432.  the same helper, putting up the flag at the mail box for our outgoing mail

433.  sending a real paper card to a friend through the mail, heart felt sentiments on paper

434.  sun shining through rain clouds

435.  sharing poetry with my children

436.  exciting news for a friend, congrats to Annette and her family (you can click the link to find out what this news is, but the following photograph contains a clue word...see if you can spot it)

437.  nursery duty with my husband, and the three little boys who were in our care for an hour of play and learning

438.  making dinner rolls from scratch with my Grandma's recipe

439.  smell of dough rising and then rolls baking

440.  very warm April weather for us today, and our excited children wearing shorts the first time this year

...and so it continues...


  1. Our shoes seem to be looking a lot like that lately, too. (And unfortunately, we have determined we need play and "good" sneakers for the first time...esp E since he wears them to church.

    Awe. Thanks.

    I went through closets recently...have determined I must go through our bins of clothes to determine what we'll keep for the next one(s), and what we want to share. Sometimes all I can do is get them out of the closet and dresser though!

    It's amazing how much our four year olds can help, huh?

  2. Warm muddy dog days are my favorite! Congrats to your friend... so exciting! I came visiting from Ann's today! Blessings, Erin

  3. Dorie, thank you for visiting my blog! Your pictures here are great. What is it about boys and dirt??? :)

  4. I found it amusing that #423 was on your list this week, as it was on mine, too. I just loved the smell of the earth on those potatoes. I did 20 pounds for potato salad, so I had to find SOMETHING good about cleaning and peeling those things!!!!

    A ball, a dog, dirt and a boy --- can't get any better than that!

  5. Good evening Dorie!! I so enjoy your gratitude lists :) The pictures paint such a fun picture - do you have a greyhound?

  6. I hope that some day you'll remember your muddy boy and smile. Before you know it, he'll have whiskers. blessings on your day!


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