April 18, 2011

Max on Life - A Review

Have you ever wondered how pastor and popular author Max Lucado would respond to a specific question on prayer or parenting?  Or a question about work or worry?  Then, Max on Life may be the book for you.  Utilizing a question and answer format the over 200 page book addresses many questions that people over the years have asked him.

More than 150 questions are organized into seven theme related sections including topics like faith, relationships, and eternity.  Each numbered question begins a new page.  Lucado's concise, but thoughtful answer to that particular question immediately follows it.  His answers remain on topic and include Biblical references and thoughts to evaluate as he responds in a gentle and honest manner.  He remains humble throughout the response, and does not proclaim to be a 'know it all,' but answers each question as best as possible and always points the inquirer to the final authority on life, the Lord. 

An encouraging addendum expressing Lucado's writing and publishing advice and two indexes complete the book.  Both the topical index and the referenced Scripture index are valuable to readers investigating specific subjects.

Overall, I liked the general layout of the book.  It is convenient and easy to navigate.  The book is not a typical progressive book that must be read in order.  And, I did not read it as such.  Instead, I skipped about from topic to topic.  The book lends itself well to such a reading, and I did not feel like I missed anything by reading in this manner. 

Thank you to Thomas Nelson, Inc. for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book through the BookSneeze.com book review program in exchange for my honest review.
Photograph of book featured in this post was provided by BookSneeze.

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