January 4, 2011

I Can Read God's Word!

Four little books created for beginner readers with God's Word used as the basis for the text are four little books we enjoy using in our homeschool. 

I have used them in various stages of reading abilities with my three older children.  Each time through them I liked them more and more.  Initially, my oldest son read them when he had learned to read, but was still increasing his fluency.  The books were fabulous tools for him to quicken his reading pace. 

My oldest daughter used the books when she was still sounding out words.  The simple sentence format and few words on each page offered a sense of accomplishment when she sounded out the words and read '5 pages!' in one sitting. 

Finally, my youngest daughter has recently read through them.  She is past the sounding out stage and the increasing fluency phase.  Currently, we are working to increase her comprehension.  Over a period of a few weeks she read through each reader.  After reading, she narrated the content to me and answered questions I asked to check her comprehension.

Each book is composed of four short Biblical passages written in a beginner reader's vocabulary with out altering the main themes of the original text.  While the illustrations are cartoon like in appearance, they have grown on me over the years, and I have to come to appreciate their whimsical appearance.

In 2008, these four little treasures were reprinted into one combined book with added phonetic instructions and helps for parents and teachers.  And, for those of you interested, Christian Book Distributors has an amazing limited time price reduction on this resource at the time of this posting.
Please note: I get no compensation whatsoever for purchases made as a result of this posting. 
I am just passing along information about a great deal for a great resource.


  1. Looks like great readers. I think my daughter would enjoy them. The pictures are cute too.

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  2. wow! thanks for sharing this. I know my younger children will love it. Heading to CBD now! Thanks for joining in the Hop!


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