January 13, 2011

Birthday Surprises

What to do when a child's birthday occurs during the Christmas season?

Push ahead and decorate for their birthday amidst decorative trees and nativity sets?

Or, celebrate early?

Perhaps wait until later, when the holiday season is over and the house and schedule have returned to normal?

We have tried it all, and this year we are choosing to celebrate her birthday after the holiday season.  In fact, we are waiting a full three weeks into this new year. 

Months ago, our oldest daughter chose a snow theme for her party.  Blues, purples, and white mixing together in snowy shapes and winter scenes for her celebration.  And, lately we have been busy creating and gathering the supplies to make this occasion special. 

On her actual birthday, she received our gift and a lunch at a restaraunt of her choice.  We had a wonderful time celebrating just the six of us, but I still wanted to do something special in the house for her on her birthday.  She has weeks to wait between her birthday and her large, extended family celebration. 

On a whim, I decided to transform the small tree we typically use for our Jesse Tree into a snow decorated tree.  It stands in our dining room, awaiting the day of her party. 

It was a small surprise and token of love for her on her birthday.


  1. I have a friend whose daughter is wating this year too.. waht a beautiful tree to clebrate!

  2. Beautiful snowflake tree!

  3. What a neat 'birthday tree'! My grandpa's birthday is ON Christmas...this makes me curious what his family did when he was little.

  4. How sweet - and what a lovely tree! I'm sure your daughter appreciated this time dedicated to celebrating her birthday.

    We have two daughters - both with December birthdays - but as their at the beginning of the month, we usually are able to celebrate separately from Christmas. Our challenge is not to run the birthdays together too much as they're only two days apart! I want each daughter to feel special on her own day.

    Have a great night!


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