November 19, 2010

Written Notes of Thankfulness

Sending Thanksgiving Day cards to everyone we know is not practical for us, because shortly after Thanksgiving, we send Christmas cards to our family and friends.  So why this post about Thanksgiving Day cards? 

We like to send them to specific family members, friends, and acquaintances
who have greatly encouraged and influenced us
in our Christian journey over the past year.
Each note is personalized with specific remembrances of the blessings
we have gained from knowing and sharing in that person's life.

We send these personalized notes of thanksgiving

to people who have inspired us in our Christian walk;

to people who have given testimonies that have impacted our hearts and lives;

to people who have glorified God in their daily walks, trials, and struggles;

and to people who have blessed us with their gifts and talents. 

We all have people in our lives
who have taught and helped us grow closer to our Lord. 
Who do you give thanks to and for today? 

Won't you consider sharing your gratitude
in a card or letter this Thanksgiving? 

While homemade cards and notes (like those pictured) are fun to give, they are not necessary.  Store bought cards or plain papers are just as lovely when the sentiments and words contained within them are heartfelt.

Also, while we try to send out written notes of thanksgiving throughout the year, Thanksgiving Day lends itself easily to a concentrated remembrance of the blessing of others in our lives. 

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  1. I think you just convicted me! Yep! We have many that we love and need to thank...and a note is a great way to do it.

    You have lovely handwriting. If I did, too, I would use less stamps!

    Beautiful (and simple!) cards!


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