October 26, 2010

Crow Call

Crow CallJust this morning, I read one of my daughters an interesting story entitled Crow Call.  This book with an endearing storyline, is written by Lois Lowry.  Page by page the story unfolds of a young girl and her father spending a morning in the woods together.   During World War II, the father was a solider.  The girl, her sister, and mother carried on while he was away.  Now, he is home, and the healing must begin.  This is a tender, heart felt story of how the young girl and her father begin to reconnect after years of separation.  Both my daughter and I were touched by the storyline and accompanying illustrations.


  1. Just today I saw this in the Scholastic book order sent home with M. I put a checkmark by it recognizing Lowry's name, but wanting to look into it further. Thanks for the recommendation! It sounds a bit mature for age four, but maybe in a couple years. :)

  2. Annette,
    You bring up an excellent point. Although this book is technically a 'picture book,' it does have a storyline that may be better for a child say 6 or older (depending on maturity).


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