September 28, 2010

Teaching Discernment

 How do we teach discernment to our children?

By teaching them to find the truth of God's Word and His ways
amidst the lies of the world.

They may all look like edible apples, but only one is real.

This is true of the world around us.

Many ideas and thoughts sound good, but
we believe there is only one authentic complete truth
found in God's Word.

May our children 
never settle for anything less than the real thing.

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  1. This was a creative way to express some godly words of wisdom.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes, I am coming out of the fog:-) I loved the ad when I saw it, how funny some of them were for medicine. I actually collect them and have one for toothpaste, which states "for lazy people"....LOL! I liked your analogie in your post too.

  3. This reminds me of how I've heard that bank tellers are taught to recognize counterfeit bills - by studying and feeling and truly knowing the real stuff.

  4. Love this post! So simple, but drives home a great lesson. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Raising Homemakers link up.

  5. This is so creative! What a good visual. Thank you!


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