September 17, 2010

Hands on Learning

Our preschooler is an active little boy who loves to be involved in learning, listening to books, and doing projects.

Here's a highlighted tour of some of his most recent learning activities.

Learning about colors...

Isn't this a nice shade of blue?

He created his own tint of blue by thoroughly mixing the 'regular' blue with white. 

Learning letters...

Then he proceeded to flatten and cut out shapes. 
At one point he cried out,
"Mommy, I made a letter J!"

Do you see the "J" of the umbrella's handle?

Days later, he asked me, "Mommy are you wearing your I shoes?"
I was wearing these sandals.

Do you see the "I" on the buckle?

Learning sounds and spelling...

While sitting on the side line waiting for a football game to start,
my husband helped him identify letters by their sounds.

"Good!  Now what sound do you hear at the end of cat?"

They were using the book: Spelling Bee: Magnetic Read & Spell Book.

Learning about rhythm...

Playing Daddy's drums

Learning about nature...

We found this caterpillar at a park, and captured it for a time of observation.

'Gus' the caterpillar

Learning about families...

We helped him find friends family for Gus.
(He was insistent that they were all family.)

I love how they all didn't have to look alike, or even be the same type of caterpillar! 
To him, they were family.

Names of the caterpillar family, after much consideration and deliberation:
Gus (the large green one)
Tiny (the littlest)

Learning to say good-bye...

Eventually, we had to release the caterpillars.

Good-bye Gus!

My husband spent several minutes comforting our son
 after the release of Gus and his family.

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  1. Good job w/ the "I" shows he's payin attention. Love the caterpillar we found one a couple weeks ago and my kids were just amazed by it

  2. Neat... I do like that color blue. It's very pretty. He did a good job mixing it.

  3. What a great week. Emily has a similar magnetic letter book and she loves it, we keep it in the car and she calls it her "DS" since she does not have one, but always sees my nephew with his. I was so happy that a interactive book could take the place of a video game in her mind!!

  4. What fun learning! Your magnetic spelling book looks fabulous!

    I think his name creativity is much higher than M's!

  5. I like the simplicity in your week. Your son is so observant! I didn't even see the I on your shoe!

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    I’m a home schooler too.
    Have a blessed weekend

  7. thank you for linking up to my Friday Blog Hop, I am your newest follower, please come follow back. What a great lesson for your little one in your above post! Have a great weekend!

  8. Love the photos and story about the caterpillar. :) Visiting you from Preschool Corner Link-up.


  9. Very cute family :P
    visiting through link in Preschool corner


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