September 18, 2010

Decorating A Bucket

How does one decorate a cheer bucket?

With diamonds and rhinestones?


With lace and pearls?


With fabrics and markers?


With stickers, of course!

Bucket #1 - Upward is the league.
Bucket #1 - Their cheerleading squad is named Ladybugs.

Bucket #2
Bucket #2 - We added verses to each bucket.
This one is John 3:16.

Great job, girls!

Later, we covered these fabulous designs
with clear packing tape for extended durability
- a tip from the girls' coach.

For those of you wondering what purpose a cheer bucket serves - - -
A cheerleader's bucket carries their pom-poms, megaphone, water bottle, and anything else they need for cheerleading to and from the game field.  These handy carriers are then turned upside down to serve as seats for the girls while resting on the side lines in between cheers.  The buckets remain upside down throughout the entire game, and this is why the buckets must be decorated upside down.


  1. What a great idea, I have never heard of a cheer bucket before.

  2. Yes, isn't that a neat thing? It does make it so much easier for the girls to have all their stuff in one container. I don't know if it is an Upward (the league) idea or something from our local area. To whomever, we are definitely grateful!


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