September 4, 2014

Summer, Linger Just a Bit Longer

Summer, you are fading as quickly as my view of the ocean did two short weeks ago. When I turned to leave, I lost it. Now, I think I'm losing you, too.
That sensational shoreline view replaced with construction barrels, roaring highway trucks, and metal toll booths. Are you going away too, Summer? Will you soon be replaced?

Summer, you've been good to us this year. Really, you have.
We've loved having you visit.
We've rested, played, and enjoyed the time with you more so then before. You've kept away the humidity and the heat. Instead, you've supplied warm, sunny days with just a sprinkling of rain, enough to feed our garden, but not ruin our plans. We appreciate that.
I'm afraid you are packing up and heading south. I see the signs. There's less sun each day, and the nights are getting crisp. Trees are slowly looking less green. Is it possible, Summer? Are you going? Why not just linger a bit longer.
You're welcome to stay.
~ Dorie

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