April 29, 2013

The Spring Rush

The spring rush is on.

Somehow some line from some song plays in my head with "the race is on, pride in the back seat" bouncing in my head. That's not how the song goes. I know, but it seems like my new mantra this spring. {Since somehow my memory has butchered the song, I googled it. To see the correct line go here.}

The race, or maybe game, is on, since spring is in full swing and it has taken more than one hit at me.

It tis the season of soccer, volleyball clinics, final days of co-op and school, standardized tests, AWANA closing program, used book sale, year end meetings, planning for next year meetings, conventions, and more.

Add to all this the normal, everyday chores like meals, cleaning, and such,

and this momma has reached the spring race, or maybe the seemingly never ending game.

Alas, as all things come to an end, so, too, will this busy season of spring once it gives way to lazy days of summer.

Meanwhile, I'm just trying to breathe, take one day event at a time, and remember to fix my hair before venturing out. {Ahem, hence the pride in the backseat line...}
~ Dorie

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  1. Your posts and pictures always bring me a great sense of peace. Thanks for sharing, Amy


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