February 6, 2013

Let Me Count the Ways

Tis the season of love, celebrating love with notes, treats, or trinkets. Combing the internet for just a few minutes will reveal that we don't all see love the same way.

What is true love?
To me, true love is:

We can all be blessed to know true love, for it is found in Jesus. {I John 4:8}

For anyone blessed to have received true love from another human being, then might I suggest you thank them? Don't wait until Valentine's Day, or any other particular day. Tell them today, right now, in your own way and with your own words.
~ Dorie

A Valentine to My Husband

To The Drummer:

You don't know Pyle from Wyeth.
Yet, you still travel miles to see their works
hanging on walls with me.
When I paint or draw a picture,
you frame it for all to see.
You have never read a word written by Austen, but you gift me with her complete works and the BBC movies I watch time and time again with you at my side.
When I forget dinner, you help me find a solution
and a meal.
Though I have no promise of ever finding a beat or rhythm,
you still dance with me to our favorite songs.
When I pen words, you read them, which is why I know
you'll see these words soon...
For these and the many other countless ways
which you show me your love, I am grateful.
I love you,

*The mushy, more serious Valentine is private, people!

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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you for making me cry this morning.. such a sweet love not to your knight in shining armor....


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