December 6, 2012

The Perfect Christmas Moments

The tree sways as children hang ornaments.

"Um, I think something is wrong," I say aloud. "The tree shouldn't move that much."

The Drummer looks up, watching the tree totter a bit to the left. It sways back.
"It was fine," he replies. He steps closer to examine it. He moves it.
Lowering himself to the ground he checks the base.

"Someone loosened it," he simply states.

We suspect a certain curious little one, but make no comment and smile broadly.

It's moments like this that make the season brighter.
Not the Norman Rockwell picture perfect moments which never materialize beyond the canvas.

It's misshaped, browned cookies made by a girl just learning to bake.
It's crooked bows on child wrapped gifts.
It's a sneezing child who showers his friend during a children's choir performance.
It's finding a rearranged manger scene with baby Jesus atop the stable roof.
It's listening to Snoopy vs. the Red Baron over and over again.
It's twinkling lights on a tipping tree.

Completely unplanned, utterly imperfect moments.
They won't grace the fronts of a Christmas magazine.
You won't find people aspiring to re-create them,
nor will they be pinned.

Yet, these are the moments,
the real Christmas moments,
which become family memories,
spoken of years later
and remembered fondly.

The perfect moments of Christmas happen each year.
Which ones will you embrace this season?
~ Dorie

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  1. read my mind! Yes - these messy moments are what I hold close to my heart, what I want to remember to recount from year to year.


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