August 9, 2012

When You Are on the Look Out

Striding along the sidewalk, I approached the first door easily, but I slowed as I noticed the older gentleman following me.  I didn't want to arrive at the door too early and wait to hold it open for him.  I slowed my pace and shortened my step to make our arrivals closer.  Odd, I thought, me holding the door for a manHe is older and definitely having trouble moving.  It is the right thing to do, I reasoned.  He said nothing, nor did I.  We walked five paces down the corridor to the second set of doors which led to the post office lobby.  Again, I held the door for him.  Silently, he turned right to the counters, as I turned left to the post office boxes. 

A few minutes later I walked through the doors again.  This time a woman was behind me.  Her hands were full of manila envelopes and she was texting on her phone as we exited.  I held the door for her.  Thank you she mumbled without looking up.  I walked ahead down the corridor to the final door.  As I held it for her, she spoke again, "Jesus Christ!"  Lost in my own thoughts, I started to ask "Where?" as my eyes drew skyward.  Thankfully, my mind registered that she was using His name in vain and not pointing Him out.  I did not reply.  She turned right, and I walked left to my vehicle.

Sitting in the driver seat, I began to chuckle, thinking of my absent minded response.  I started the car and drove onward to the grocery store.

After a twenty minute search for 'natural' soda to treat a sore throat, I used the self check out station to scan, purchase, and bag my own bottle of soda.  Picking up the bag, I quickly walked to the exit, but stopped as I saw an elderly woman in a motorized scooter approach.  She smiled and motioned for me to go first.  "Thank you," I smiled.  I was pretty sure this was not proper etiquette, but I proceeded to go first, all the while thinking about her kind voice, gentle smile, and selfless act of letting me go first.  Each aspect reminding me of Jesus.  We exited the store one after another.  I turned left, and she moved right.
~ Dorie

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