July 25, 2012

Rock Star Moments

Midway through VBS week, I peered in at my youngest who had gone to bed an hour earlier.
This is how I found him...dreaming in a rock star setting.

Only a few days later, our entire family was emerged in our own rock star moment
with a concert by Yancy to close out our VBS week!

Yancy's music was featured in our VBS theme,
and our children had a blast singing along with Yancy in person. 
After the concert, she kindly signed autographs,
talked with us, and sat for a photograph with our children.
That night, our youngest didn't sleep in a rock star setting,
but he might very well have dreamt of rock star moments!
~ Dorie


  1. sooo cool! and I thought our hot air balloon rocked.... to get Yancy is awesome!!!!

    1. Yancy was great, and we really enjoyed her music, but I must say, those hot air balloons rocked as well! I was just thinking today, how different VBS weeks end nowadays as compared to a few years (OK, ten) ago.

  2. Rock Star moments...oh, how my heart aches when thinking that these days are going by so quickly with my boys. Their days of play and dreams will one day be replaced with crushes and peer pressure...Jesus, come quickly! :)

    1. That they do indeed slip away so fast is why I grabbed the camera that night - so I can keep that memory :-)

  3. I was disappointed to miss the concert and final night...

    Love that first pic!


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