November 3, 2011

About My Photography

{humbly answering your questions, because really I'm a beginner at photography}

Lately, I have been encouraged and humbled by the kind words of others who compliment my photographs and photography skill.  A few questions have been asked and I'd like to take a few moments and answer them.

Did you take all these photographs?
Yes, the photographs are all mine minus a few book covers used with publisher's permission in reviews.

Do you have a professional camera?
No, I'm not even sure what a professional camera is...but I have a Nikon Coolpix P80 Digital Camera.

What setting do you prefer?
Here's where you can tell I have no idea what I am doing...the green camera icon setting.

Have you ever taken a photography class?
No, as though that wasn't obvious from my answer to the above question.  Instead, I put to good use all that I learned in my drawing and painting classes about the elements of art.

Do you edit images?
Most of the images are posted as is...right off the camera.  If I do any editting it is generally a slight crop to make the image size for a 5x7. Once in awhile I saturate slightly the colors, but honestly I prefer the natural colors that the camera catches.

A side note
It is incredibly hard to pick photographs to acompany a post on photography questions!
Can you tell how uncomfortable I am talking about and answering photography questions?
~ Dorie


  1. Another question for you...what type of flower is that? It's so beautiful!

  2. Hi Janet,
    I believe that is one of the water lilies. It is a stunning flower isn't it? Love the center and the textures of it.

  3. Dorie - you have an eye!! These are beautiful from a point and shoot camera :) Great job!!


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