October 31, 2011

Why I Count

After awhile this practice of counting blessings becomes ingrained.
So much so that often I don't put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard when I count.

Instead, I hang up wash, and I count.
I make dinner, and I count.

At this point, I've probably reached one thousand three times over,
but the number isn't really the point.

Giving thanks to all that He has given,
and knowing that all things come from His hand
is the point.

For all of these items that I record here, and for all that I do not
...I give thanks.

...continuing my gratitude listing...

778.  youngest's short pants hanging beside our oldest long pants on the laundry line

779.  a pair of jeans given to our daughter from a friend

780.  a dead leaf, crinkled, lying on the ground - a sign of death and the upcoming winter weather, but knowing that it necessary for spring to come

781.  reading the book of John as we journey through the Bible this calendar year

782.  our youngest, not feeling so well, lying on the sofa wrapped like a taco in a blanket (by his request)

783.  grocery shopping with my daughters and their help

784.  crossing things off the 'to do' list

785.  hot apple crisp

786.  snow flakes mixing with the falling rain

787.  stormy weather that makes you want to stay inside

788.  quiet time in afternoons

789.  taking more nature walks with the children

790.  seeing my family smile in joy

...and so it continues...


  1. I count too, with God's help. He shows me the lovely side when I am looking at the unlovely. He points out the needs when the faults are what seem predominant. He whispers to me the magnificent when it was ordinary to me before.

  2. Oh, I love the image that the shortest pants share the same line as the longest pants! Beautiful image. I too love when my girls help at the grocery store - my middle daughter in particular makes my heart leap with contentment when she helps to unload and stack onto the belt w/o my asking her to do so. Thank you for sharing your list today! Visiting from "A Holy Experience".

  3. I so relate to this. I still keep count, but I find myself counting grace without number. Thanks for sharing these words and this list and all that is the grace of everyday life.

  4. Absolutely love your photography

  5. Oh Dorie~
    How I love this...THIS is how I want to live...with a thankful-heart-ingrained.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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