October 10, 2011

Signs of a New Season

"Mom, is my voice different?" he asks from the back seat.

"Yeah, it's changing.  Do you not hear the difference?"  I glance up in my rear view mirror trying to catch his facial expression.

"No.  A girl in my Sunday school class told me my voice is changing."

It had been so evident to us and obviously now others.  His voice was deepening, cracking, changing.

The signs of a new parenting season are appearing; just as a new season creeps into the world around us.  The days shorten, leaves slowly change color, and the air turns crisp.  Each is an indicator of the autumn abundance to come.
~ Dorie

...continuing my gratitude listing...

727.  our oldest son's voice deepening, indicating the changing of seasons in life

728.  gradual ease into adolescence for him (and us!)

729.  honking geese flying overhead migrating to warmer areas for the winter

728.  setting sun glistening on geese feathered wings

729.  V formation of flock's flight

730.   golden sunshine on changing leaves

731.   not quite frozen water, crisp air, but not quite cold

732.   dinner at the park with my family

733.  playing on the play ground equipment - tire swings and slides

734.  children tossing the football with my husband

735.  shutters freshly painted

736.  dog darting through the house

737.  laughter in the early morning hours

738.  pumpkin spiced coffee

739.  another go of apple bread, this time made with the help of my oldest daughter

740.   completing a promised dinosaur craft with my youngest

741.  youngest's excitement completing the project, and his finished product

742.  breakfast made by my husband and children

743.  a late start to Saturday morning activities due to a later game time

744.  finally getting fall decorations out and about the house

745.  sharing some of my favorite childhood books and stories with my children

746.  oldest daughter's budding writing skills as she writes a chapter book of her own

747.  oldest son mowing entire lawn

748.  smell of freshly mowed grass

749.  dog rolling in the grass

750.  setting the hammock outside again since the rains have stopped for now

751.  spending time relaxing in the fresh autumn air

752.  going through the boys clothing and finding they only need a few items for cooler weather

753.  spending part of an afternoon in one store and getting all the children's cooler weather clothes shopping finished

754.  good friends for our children

755.  extended family attending the boys games, cheering for them

...and so it continues...


  1. Voices changing, responsibilities rearranging...it's all good...

  2. the geese! oh, me, too! I noticed them this weekend and gave thanks...and forgot for a minute. Their sound...so unique! So delightful!

    And the sound, of your boy...so unique and so delightful.

    Rich blessings as you continue to surrender that Boy-Man to becoming a Man-Boy.


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